• Cold Room Panel

    Cold Room Panel

    Cold room panel is produced by eccentric lock system, which allows to assemble and disassemble easily. Cold Storage Panel can be produced in 114 cm width and any desired length up to 1200 cm. Cold Storage Panel is produced in a wide range of thicknesses between 6cm and 2...
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  • Cold Storage Will Continue Growth

    Cold Storage Will Continue Growth

    An industry report predicts that cold storage will grow over the next seven years due to the rising need for innovative services and facilities. The pandemic impact earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working and the closur...
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  • Use and Application of PIR Panel

    Use and Application of PIR Panel

    PIR Panel has a quite a number of application. These applications are stated as follows; PIR Panel for Fruit Storage: PIR panel can be used to build fruit storage without wasting time. It has a durable resistance to moisture and UV light thus making your fruit lasts long...
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  • What is PIR Panel?

    What is PIR Panel?

    PIR panel which is alternatively known as polyisocyanurate is made from a thermoset plastic and galvalume steel, PPGI, stainless steel or aluminum sheet. The steel of galvalume steel or PPGI used in the making of PIR panel thickness ranges 0.4-0.8mm. The manufacturing of...
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